Stratford Lawn Bowling Club

251 Norfolk St, Stratford, ON N5A 3Z1


The Stratford Festival has put forth plans to build a new Tom Patterson Theatre on the current site of the Stratford Lawn bowling Club.  These plans came forward with no prior consultation with our club and would include the entire property for the new theatre and some “world class gardens”.  Our club of course is very upset with the thought of losing our greens that have been on the current site since 1915.  Yes, we have the Stratford Heritage committee involved in trying to stop the immediate destruction of our greens but we need all the support we can get.  City Council has not yet given permission for any demolition or digging to start, however the Festival wants to start digging in late October or November, as soon as the current theatre season ends.  Our greens would be the first to go as the underground sewer system near the greens has to be fixed first to accommodate the new theatre.  The city officials are asking for input from the public to consider before they make any decisions concerning demolition of the current buildings, including our clubhouse and greens. 


Our club would appreciate any support you could give us either as bowlers who have enjoyed our greens in the past, or as OLBA executive members who strive to support and promote our great sport.  City officials are welcoming written submissions and are hosting two public meetings next week to answer questions and receive comments from the public about the new theatre proposal.  Even if we could delay the start of construction for one more season, the city might have time to start construction of a new green elsewhere in the city.  If they take our greens away this Fall we will certainly lose members and sponsors for our tournaments- it could mean the end of a club that has existed in Stratford since 1898!  Any comments you can make to city officials or the Festival staff to help us make our case would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for taking a few moments to support us.



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We will pass all comments to the City of Stratford and the Festival Theatre.